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Skirmish Vendors

Vendors at the Skirmish will reach a very clear market segment
Want to sponsor the Skirmish instead? Please see our sponsor guidelines.
Become a Skirmish Vendor

Vendors who do not wish to be sponsors at the Hoosier Tactical Skirmish can present their goods and services to a very specific target market.  Participants in the skirmish and their families are typically athletic, outdoor sports oriented, service oriented, and of adventurous spirit in general.  Given this demographic, there is great interest in the following types of products:


  • Athletic wear

  • Athletic training equipment

  • Food & Beverages (of course!)

  • Camping gear and tools of all types

  • Outdoor clothing, shoes, and boots

  • Tactical clothing and gear

  • Small arms, ammunition, and shooting equipment

  • Motorcycles, Side-by-sides, 4-Wheelers, and accessories

  • Hunting clothing and equipment

  • Athlete oriented drinks, food, and supplements

  • Law enforcement and security equipment and apparel

  • Emergency preparedness equipment and apparel

  • Portable and long-term storage food

  • First Aid and trauma medical equipment


Vendor Guidelines

  • All vendors pay a $75 fee to offer products and services during the skirmish on October 3rd, though they may set up any pop-up store the day before and tear down the day after if they wish.

  • Sponsors of the skirmish do not pay any fee. 

  • Please indicate the size of the area you need for your pop-up store, so we can plan and prepare a site for you in advance.

  • Since the theme of the skirmish is the Battle of Mogadishu, we ask that vendor pop-ups make an attempt at appearing tactical, e.g., camouflage table coverings, nets, clothes, etc. 

  • The skirmish management cannot provide tents, chairs, or other support for your store.

  • We will have limited electricity available, so we suggest you bring your power if you need it.  Please let us know your power needs ahead of time and we’ll see if we can accommodate you.

  • Special Forces Association Chapter 500 and the Skirmish Management Team cannot, as organizations, formally endorse any products or services.

Thanks to Sun King Brewery!

 The Bier Brewery

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